Commissions – Consultation and Pricing

drawing of hills


Sometimes you might like the art that you see here on my website but want something slightly different, be it in size or makeup. I do take commission work in the mediums with which I normally work. These are watercolor, acrylic, mixed media and oil.

We would first have a meeting over the phone or in person and discuss what the subject matter, the media and the size of the painting.  Working from photo reference pictures is a great way to create a realistic painting.  Usually if I am not privy to lots of photos I will select some myself and then do a sketch with a color palette and this will be okayed before beginning the painting.  Some mediums, like oil and acrylic can be adjusted easily if there is something that the client would like to be changed.  Watercolor is not one of these mediums, therefore there needs to be a level of trust and a general liking of the artist’s style with watercolor in order to have a commission done in this medium. Abstract paintings are more about the color and texture choices, so we will talk about similar paintings or ideas and colors that you would like to see integrated into the art.

Right now I am trying to simplify my art and working with clients so the price of any painting in any medium is $1.00 per square inch. This makes it simple to decide how much you want to spend.  So a good example would be a 16×20 would cost $320.  I ask for 50% deposit to get materials and get the painting started and then will do a check in to see how the client is liking the progress.  When finished we will meet and look at the piece together and if there are any small alterations they will be made.  When the painting is complete I will sign it and if it is an oil painting it will need a few days to dry. All art can be picked up at our business in downtown La Mesa during business hours. The final payment is due at pickup.

When choosing your medium remember that oil and acrylic do not need to be framed at all if you choose deep sides for the canvas or board that they are painted on, while any art on paper will need to be framed under glass.  We offer custom framing at our business, Nainsook Framing & Art.  You can find us here at

This should give you an idea of how I go about doing commission work.  Feel free to email me through the contact form if you have any questions.