Of Course You Too Can Paint!

I remember having a talk with a client about 13 years ago and expressing that I wish I knew if I “could paint”. She encouraged me to take lessons, saying that it is something that is learned, that almost no one just picks up the pencil, charcoal, or paint and creates beautiful work from the get-go. So let me take this time to say the same to you. If you have the desire you too can paint! There are lots of local adult education classes and I would begin there. Drew Bandish is a well-known teacher at our local La Mesa and El Cajon Grossmont Adult Ed classes and he is fabulous, teaching portraiture, watercolor, acrylics, and more. Message me if you have any questions or need support. I’m happy to help. Start here by watching a video of a painting that I did https://www.rozoserinfineart.com/works-in-progress